Timing Belt Replacements

The timing belt controls the movement of the different parts of the engine. It ensures that the different parts of the engine are in sync with each other by using the power of the crankshaft to turn the camshaft, coolant fan and fuel injection.

When the pistons in the engine move up and down, it is essential that the valves controlling the fuel and air intake be timed exactly. If these parts don’t move in sync, it can do huge amounts of damage; for example, a piston colliding with an open valve will cause the engine a huge amount of damage.

The timing belt is engineered exactly to turn these components, however, if the belt becomes loose or worn, then the timing can become erratic.

Timing belt replacements are a very important and difficult job, as the engine has to be synced exactly. At Headlands we are careful to check the condition of the timing belt, and to replace it we feel there are any issues.

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